My name is Salvatore Tuscolano and I was born in 1983 in Cosenza. I have recently been living in Turin, a city of modern art, located in northern Italy. I have been fascinated by technology and new media environment for many years and for this reason I started my academic career in this field. I have a Bachelor in Art and I am currently in the process of completing my Master degree in “Television and new media”. In addition, I am involved in designing and developing web site pages and multimedia applications with aesthetical taste, fantasy and creativity. I started to create web sites five years ago, when the passion for this fantastic world pushed me to dig into programming languages as well as web sites creation, always with special focus on their usability and respecting web standards. At my current work as web designer and web developer I moved towards interaction design environment, enjoying using Arduino chip and its developing framework for creation of domestic objects connected to social networks. Parallel to my work and studies, I have strong passion for music. This is starting point of my musical production. I like creating tracks by using software, development framework and analogical-digital devices. I am dynamic person, focused on reaching goals, ambitious and scrupulous. During my work experience I improved my organizational, communicational and technical skills. I like teamwork and I am good in problem solving and also I have motivational skills. Each projects I am working on shows my enthusiasm, positivity and above all my creativity. I am interested in technologies which are connected to human-computer interaction, art and communication. I would like to develop this passion by researching and testing innovative solution in different fields such as User Experience, User Interface, Interaction Design. Based on that I can say: Quality above all!